Kingmar Filter press System (FP-500)

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With the Kingmar Filter press, you can produce fresh cheese without effort. You will save time and increase the output compared to a type with a loose bag. Since you complete the product in a shorter period of time, you also reduce the risk of infection. The filter press allows semi- or fully automated handling. The drained fluid can be collected by a whey collector. Besides of the standard equipment, it is possible to order individual adaptions.

Further processing
After pressing, the fresh cheese can be processed for example with the Kingmar Mixer (MM-500), the Kingmar Filling machine (AM-500) or the Kingmar Moulding machine (VM-100). The single bars of the filter press can be stored in a rack. Therefore, the machine can be cleaned in an easy and better way. For this purpose, the whole construction can be connected to the CIP cleaning system.

Advantages of Kingmar FP-500: Wei opvang Stangen opbergrek
much less risk of infection;
more production with less staff;
continued production process;
optimised and easy cleaning.

semi-automatic filling system
bar rack

Kingmar Washing machine

For the cleaning of your Filter press bags, there's the Kingmar Washing machine. You can clean your bags with ease. And powerfull motor and a big drum give the ability to wash many bags at the same time.

The Washing machine can be offered at a strong mobile construction. It gives the drum the ideal height to work with, and a control panel on the side. There are various washing programs available. Ask for the options.