Kingmar delivers complete FP-10T filter press system in UK.

3 FP-10T's with a producing capacity of 30.000 liter each day. A complete system with semi automatic filling sytem, whey collector, AM-1000 filling machines and a WM-100 washing maching with warm water supply.

Kingmar builds a new fabric.

To suffice the big question in machines for production and processing of fresh cheese, a new production location is built. The new fabric will be ready at the end of 2015. It doubles the floor area to 1400m2.

Kingmar delivers FP-8T filter press system in India.

1 FP-8T with a semi automatic filling system and whey collector.

Kingmar builds mini FP-filter press for the Kingmar Experience center.

The build of this mini filter press is interesting for small producers with a production capacity between 500-200 liter a day.