Over Kingmar

Why fresh cheese?
Since many years, Jurry Hekking, the maker of Kingmar machines, is addicted to fresh cheese. Because he recognised that many manufacturers produce fresh cheese with machines that have been constructed for other products. After some research, he understood that there is almost no equipment for this market segment. Thus, he decided to close the gap.

Smaller manufacturers
The problem is that fresh cheese is still a niche market consisting rather of small than of big producers. Jurry Hekking explains: "I want to build solid machines that are suitable for smaller companies. The costs have to be in line to the production. That´s very important.”

Sensitive products
During the development of Kingmar machines, the constructors put a lot of emphasis to the fact that fresh cheese is a sensitive product. Changes of texture cause changes of taste. And you wouldn´t want to wait for that. All machines have been tested to avoid this as far as possible.

User-friendly handling
„From our point of view the ideal handling of Kingmar machines is very important. You don´t really need gadgets. With Kingmar, you always get what you want in a complete and functional system. It is possible to harmonise the single units in order to increase the amount of production. Some of them can also be combined. In short, there is a multitude of opportunities. And in case you have any special wishes be sure we offer the perfect solution. Everything is possible with Kingmar!

Kingmar stands for:
specialisation in fresh cheese;
solutions for big and small manufacturers;
user-friendly handling;
excellent service.