Kingmar Filling machine (AM-500)

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The Kingmar filling machine portions big amounts of fresh cheese into smaller ones. For example, it helps you to fill vacuum bags for freezing. AM-500 is suitable to be combined with the filter press (FP-500). By this way, you get a system that allows processing a product in a fast way. The whole machine is adjustable in height to provide the correct working height.

Kingmar AM-500:
fast product processing;
adjustable in height;
optimised and easy cleaning.

Kingmar Mixer (MM-500)
The Kingmar mixer takes care for the proper mixing of ingredients and fresh cheese. The machine is constructed in a special way to avoid damage of the product. MM-500 is available in various sizes and with variable outlets.

Kingmar MM:
variable outlets for small and big amounts;
continued production process;
optimised and easy cleaning.

Mix and filling machine (MA-500)
The mix and filling machine is a combination of AM-500 and MM-500. Its biggest advantage is the possibility to mix the ingredients and fill them right away. Of course you can also connect all the machines to the CIP cleaning system. We offer various designs.