Kingmar Filling machine (VM-200)


The Kingmar filling machine facilitates for example the filling with bell peppers, olives or puff pastry. It also allows the use of products similar to cream cheese. The machine can be handled with a foot pedal or manually. By this means, you can individually adjust the amount of filling.

Different fields of application
Do you strive for a continued production process? Then our type VM-210 is the right choice. It is connected to the Kingmar moulding machine VM-100 and allows bigger output. In comparison, VM-200 can be used as a tabletop unit for manual filling. Both types contain a filling unit for two persons. But of course, they can be extended for more.

Advantages of Kingmar VM 200 and VM-210:
less labour costs per production unit;
optimised and easy cleaning;
user-friendly handling.